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Delivering a sustainable, quality cup of coffee

As one of the leading green coffee origin exporters in the world, with year-round presence in origin, we serve sustainable and traceable coffee that supports producers and delights coffee lovers around the world, every day.

Our team of more than 20 nationalities really does wake up and smell the coffee each day. Thanks to our local presence, we offer a vast selection of traceable green coffees sourced from certified estates and network of farmers across AfricaAsia and Central and South America. Over 90% of our volumes are processed in our own mills meaning we can supply the quality and volumes customers need, while for specialty buyers, the discerning palates of our Q-graded cuppers and procurement teams help locate exceptional coffees from 30 different origins.

Livelihoods, Education and Nature at Scale

Coffee LENS is our sustainability ambition for the future of coffee. It sets challenging goals to tackle the key issues facing the coffee supply chain by 2025, enabled through structured collaboration with partners. We have achieved a number of 2021 milestones, as published in the first impact report.

Grow a better future with AtSource

By working with ofi, coffee customers get access to AtSource, the award-winning sustainability insights platform powered by Olam. Packed with verified data, it connects them directly to the source of supply at each stage of the coffee’s journey, guaranteeing traceability. 

The story behind our cup of coffee

The story behind our products is becoming more and more important to consumers. That’s why we are working hard to ensure our coffee not only excels in taste and quality but also in sustainable sourcing. Watch the video on how ofi is committed to ensure the products we supply have a positive impact on farmers across the world.

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Press Release Nov 16, 2023

ofi expands manufacturing capacity with opening of new dairy facility in New Zealand

ofi (olam food ingredients), a global leader in naturally good food and beverage ingredients, is celebrating the official opening of the first phase of its new, state-of-the-art dairy processing plant located in the dairy heartland of New Zealand – the Waikato region in the north island of the country. The facility will produce dairy ingredients like whole milk powder to meet growing demand, targeting key customer applications in dessert, bakery, beverage, and confectionery categories.


Sandeep Jain, Managing Director and CEO, Dairy, at ofi commented: “As we continue to expand our dairy manufacturing capabilities and innovation infrastructure, the new Tokoroa plant will become part of a global network that spans major milk consumption markets, such as South-East Asia, China, the Middle East, and Africa. The new plant also complements a suite of enhancements made to ofi’s dairy production facility and Ingredient Excellence Centre (IEC) in Johor, Malaysia back in September – which combined with our Customer Solutions Center based in Singapore, enables us to co-create bespoke food and beverage solutions for our customers. Our dairy business is well positioned to serve increased demand from our global customer base and co-create innovative applications at scale – driving additional focus on the value-added capabilities within our portfolio.”


The Tokoroa dairy ingredients forms part of ofi's much wider natural ingredients portfolio which includes cocoa, coffee, nuts and spices, ideal combinations with dairy for customized products such as yogurts, protein bars and ready-to-drink tea, coffee and cocoa beverages. The new facility also complements ofi’s existing global footprint, driving stronger partnerships with its customers and strengthening its co-creation capabilities across the region.

The next stage of investment will see further capability added to the facility to develop high value dairy ingredients, expanding the range of ofi’s offering. It will also enable ofi to look at ways to grow the value of its milk, generating better returns for its farmer partners while delivering on its ambition to produce ingredients in a way that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. 

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