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At the heart of every great meal lies the foundation of flavors. Our expertly crafted premium spice ingredients are grown sustainably with our farmer partners to ensure the future of our global supply chains.

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Choose from a wide portfolio of spices, herbs and sauces, including organic options. We know exactly where and how our spices are grown so you do too. 

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Committed to sustainability & making a positive impact on our world. Our efforts align with the UN's SDGs focused on climate action, regenerative Agriculture, & supporting farmers communities. We aim to build impact through close relationships with farmers and communities.

Climate positive

Our mission: Reduce ghg emissions

We're on a mission to reduce our environmental impact by focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and traceability, all the way from global suppliers to local farms. We also believe in improving soil health to increase carbon sequestration potential, and finding innovative ways to power our processing with natural energy sources like solar and natural gas. Plus, we're committed to operating responsibly and ethically to maintain traceability throughout our supply chains.

Regenerative Agriculture

Our mission: Enhance our natural resources

At ofi we're committed to sustainable agriculture that benefits both people and planet. That's why we set and implement standards for agricultural best practices, ensuring we operate with regenerative agriculture at scale. We also use innovative technology to harness regenerative food and production systems. And we do all of this while protecting and renewing natural resources so that we can give back what we take out.

Prosperous Farmers

Our mission: Enhancing farmer and community livelihoods

We support ofi spices farmers and communities with programs tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. Support is provided related to nutrition and health, education, and economic opportunities including agricultural training to increase crop yield and quality. We believe in fair wages and protecting human rights with the aim of creating resilient farming communities across our global sourcing network.

Revolutionary sustainability insights platform

Using AtSource, spices customers can see exactly what’s going on in their supply chains, report accurately and create real change for farmers, communities and the planet.

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When you shop with us, we can guarantee you’re buying the highest-quality spice ingredients in bulk, directly from the source. Our operation ensures our products are handled with care, from farm to factory, right to your door.


To streamline the process for small to medium businesses, we have a team of trusted spice experts who are available to help you find the right product, specification and certification to meet your needs. On our site, you can request samples, view our transparent, real-time pricing, competitive shipping rates and all our technical documents.

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Our chefs and food scientists are always finding new ways to tantalize consumers’ taste buds. Work with us to explore exciting flavors and textures, appeal to the health-conscious market, or go natural and clean-label.

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Press Release Nov 16, 2023

ofi expands manufacturing capacity with opening of new dairy facility in New Zealand

ofi (olam food ingredients), a global leader in naturally good food and beverage ingredients, is celebrating the official opening of the first phase of its new, state-of-the-art dairy processing plant located in the dairy heartland of New Zealand – the Waikato region in the north island of the country. The facility will produce dairy ingredients like whole milk powder to meet growing demand, targeting key customer applications in dessert, bakery, beverage, and confectionery categories.


Sandeep Jain, Managing Director and CEO, Dairy, at ofi commented: “As we continue to expand our dairy manufacturing capabilities and innovation infrastructure, the new Tokoroa plant will become part of a global network that spans major milk consumption markets, such as South-East Asia, China, the Middle East, and Africa. The new plant also complements a suite of enhancements made to ofi’s dairy production facility and Ingredient Excellence Centre (IEC) in Johor, Malaysia back in September – which combined with our Customer Solutions Center based in Singapore, enables us to co-create bespoke food and beverage solutions for our customers. Our dairy business is well positioned to serve increased demand from our global customer base and co-create innovative applications at scale – driving additional focus on the value-added capabilities within our portfolio.”


The Tokoroa dairy ingredients forms part of ofi's much wider natural ingredients portfolio which includes cocoa, coffee, nuts and spices, ideal combinations with dairy for customized products such as yogurts, protein bars and ready-to-drink tea, coffee and cocoa beverages. The new facility also complements ofi’s existing global footprint, driving stronger partnerships with its customers and strengthening its co-creation capabilities across the region.

The next stage of investment will see further capability added to the facility to develop high value dairy ingredients, expanding the range of ofi’s offering. It will also enable ofi to look at ways to grow the value of its milk, generating better returns for its farmer partners while delivering on its ambition to produce ingredients in a way that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. 

Articles Nov 9, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Thorbjornsen, HR Manager, North America

Amanda Thorbjornsen spent the first half of her career honorably serving in the United States Air Force. Today, she uses that experience to make her the best HR leader for our team in Samson, Alabama. Hear more about her journey.


Your full name: Amanda Thorbjornsen


Your city and country: Samson, Alabama


Your job title: HR Manager


Your functional area: Human Resources


Q: How long have you been with ofi?

Almost 7 years.


Events Nov 7, 2023

Meet ofi at Fi Europe

ofi (olam food ingredients), is known around the world for supplying cocoa, coffee, dairy, nut and spice ingredients from our grower's fields to customers around the globe. Meet with us and learn how we push the boundaries of collaboration for sustainability impact and work directly with customers to create new recipes and better products. In Frankfurt, we’ll have delicious food and beverage samples for you to taste. And for the cocoa lovers among us – our deZaan cocoa ingredients experts will be sampling their premium range in food formats consumers love.

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